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While exposed bedrock, aged concrete, dry sand and gravel, or ice are some of the best record areas, sites with less than ideal soil conditions can yield desirable results, though possibly more limited. Thus, a discussion about your project may help determine how to evaluate if ground penetrating radar will assist you with your project. As an example, clay tiles in farm fields can be located with GPR. Under ideal conditions one would simply run the instrument over the area of concern and a clear response would be observed. However, under less than ideal conditions the presence of a buried tile may not be so easily observed. When this happens and the greatest level of effort is expected to be put forth to locate a tile, then one may need to conduct a more detailed ground penetrating radar survey using a grid system. The gridded data is then post processed to produce 2-D and 3-D representations of the subsurface. It is not always clear where, when, and how GPR will produce the best results. An added issue is that if a target of concern is not detected it does not mean the area is clear. Sometimes a site needs to be investigated to determine the limitations of the site. Click here for information about engineering geophysics.

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Old Ground Penetrating Radar 1000 MHz Pulse Ekko
Old Ground Penetrating Radar 1000 MHz Pulse Ekko

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